2006 Native American Swimsuit Calendar by Marian Mike,
will be a collectors item
2006 Native American Swimsuit Calendar by Marian Mike,
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2006 Marian Mike Calendar is SOLD OUT
2007 Marian Mike Calendar will not be available for 2007.

My name is Marian Mike, owner of MM Native Fashion/MM Entertainment. I am a 28yrs old Native American Woman representing the Navajo(Dine´┐Ż) tribe. Promoting for Native American Women of different tribes throughout the Americas and coordinator for varies events throughout North America. Promoting Native American Models for recognition of inner and outer beauty in this entertainment/modeling industry has been my enduring venture.

Going on my second year of working and promoting this calendar, my work and efforts in putting this calendar together has become a success in many ways. It was overwhelming to do it as an individual in a sense that it created more interest than I expected, more paying jobs for models who work with me, also expectance by our Native People, opportunities in this industry, and most important of all helped models to achieve their educational goals.

My focus and encouragements are to my people, that we may also make it if we make an effort, through support, through the struggles, the hard times.

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