Kachina, Angwusi Crow by Shirley Adams
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Kachina, Angwusi Crow by Shirley Adams
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Collect Kachinas from the Hopi Reservation!

Shirley Adams of Polacca Hopi Reservation carved this 13" inch (34.9cm) high Angwusi Crow Kachina based on an original painting by Hopi artist Cliff Bahnimptewa and shown in "Kachinas a Hopi artist's documentary" by Barton Wright.

This Kachina beautifully carved from Cottonwood and painted in realistic colors is one of the warriors who make war on the clowns during the Plaza Dances or who appear in the Soyohim of late spring. Here he carries the whip butt first, and is probably appearing to warn the clowns.

Kachina Size 13 3/4 inch (34.9cm) to tip of feathers
Handcrafted by Native American Artists