Thunder Drums 4, pow-wow music
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Thunder Drums 4, pow-wow music
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Thunder Drums 4
A wildly popular pow-wow compilation. This fantastic collection contains 20 tracks of pure pow-wow mastery performed by some of the trail's greatest drum groups. TD4 has over 60 minutes of Northern and Southern style singing to satisfy even the most critical pow-wow enthusiast!

1. Smoove, Rock Hill Singers 2. Straight Naanan, Bear Creek 3. Sneak Up, Lone Creek 4. Intertribal, Southern Boys 5. Dead End, Grey Buffalo 6. Straighten Out, Cree Spirit 7. Men's Fancy Crow Hop, Little Otter 8. Jingle Dress - Medicine Dress, Northern Wind 9. Wacipi, Chicken Dance Songs 10. Intertribal - Triple Thread, 12 Gauge 11. Soldierz Part One, Eyabay 12. Merle Yellowbird, Yellowbird 13. The Breeze - Good Medicine, Eastern Eagle Singers 14. G4, Stoney Creek 15. U Work it Baby, Painted Horse 16. Side Pocket, Smokey Alley 17. Big Bear Annie, Young Grey Horse 18. Contest Song, Prairie Island 19. 2-Step Song - A Warrior's Cry, Young Kingbird 20. Calling Card, Poor Boys
Handcrafted by Native American Artists