Traditional Songs, Talibah Begay
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Traditional Songs, Talibah Begay
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TALIBAH BEAGAY, Traditional Songs
Talibah is of the red bottom clan, born for the salt clan, with paternal grandparents of the towering house clan, and maternal grandparents of the red running into the water clan. In her recordings of traditional songs you can hear the inspiration and influence of her elders.

1. Justin Boots 2. Since you left 3. Chemwawa Indian School 4. Wrangler Boy 5. Grandma's Teaching 6. Fenders II 7. Grandpa's Teaching 8. Behoney Ashkii 9. Tsehaleego 10. Grandpa Teach the Children a Good Way 11. 7 Days 12. Grandma's Casino 13. Princess Special 14. You Traveled so far And a bonus track; Because of you
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