Medicine Journey, Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow
Music of Native Nations
Medicine Journey, Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow
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Medicine Journey
Recorded Live at the 2006 Gathering of Nations PowWow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
1. The Boyz, Womans Single Side Step 2. The Boyz, Willow jack Song 3. Cozad, Teen Boy's Fancy 4. Iron Boy, Woman's Fancy 5. High Noon, Men's Northern Traditional 6. Southern Boyz, Golden Age Woman, Southern 7. Southern Cree, Teen Girl's Fancy 8. Yellow Face, Men's Fancy Crow Hop 9. Bow Guard, Men's Grass 10. Vince Beyl Intro of the Chief 11. Eya Hey Nakoda, Honor Song for Tawny Hale 12. War Scout, Jr. Girl's Traditional 13. Southern Extreme, Teen Boy's Fancy 14. Dakota Nation, Golden Age Men, Northern 15. Thunder Hills, Men's Grass 16. Star Feather, Men's Northern Traditional 17. Southern Outlawz, Woman's So. Buckskin 18. Rio Grande, Men's Northern Traditional 19. Young Bird, Men's Southern Straight 20. Eagle Whistle Jrs., Jr. Girls Jingle 21. Eya Hey Nakoda, Woman's Jingle Side Step 22. Yellow Face, Jr. Boy's fancy 23. Young Bird, Men's Southern fancy Exhibition 24. Yellow Face, Men's Northern Fancy
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