The Colorful World, Jay Begay
Hear the musisc of the red rocks.
The Colorful World, Jay Begay
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From the desert heartland of the Dine' Nation comes the stirring voice of talented singer and song maker Jay Begay. Reflecting the rich beauty of Dine' culture, this collection of vocal performances with drum accompaniment is sung by one of Native America's greatest voices in honor of his beloved people.

1. Interstate 40 (4:36) 2. Sending Letters (4:07) 3. Purple Horizon (4:10) 4. Yellowstone Dawn (4:16) 5. 'Dine' Flag Song (4:30) 6. Short-N-Snappy (3:57) 7. In Beauty We Walk (3:57) 8. Precious Love (4:53) 9. Cotton Candy/lollipop (4:18) 10. Saving Dooko'o'sli'i'd (3:50) 11. Purple Horizon (chicken dance 2:59)
Handcrafted by Native American Artists