Commission a Shirley Adams Kachina
Shirley Adams master carver from Polacca Hopi Reservation will carve on commission Kachinas selected from the "KACHINAS a Hopi artist's documentary" by Barton Wright with original paintings by Cliff Bahnimptewa a Hopi artist.
When placing an order a $250 commission down-payment is required with the remainder after notification of item completion.
Carving time is approximately 4 weeks.

Kachina sizes:
8" high = $550 and 10" high = $750

See examples of 8" high Kachina's below

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Kachina, AntelopeKachina, AntelopeAntelope Kachina
Kachina, Palolokong Water SerpentKachina, Palolokong Water SerpentPalolokong Water Serpent Kachina
Kachina, Letaiyo FoxKachina, Letaiyo Fox
Kachina, DeerKachina, DeerDeer kachina
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