Kachina Spirit Carvings
Hopis of the Arizona Reservation live on the high Mesas of north Central Arizona and are known for their artistic skills as carvers of intricate Kachina dolls.

These Kachina supernatural beings represent the important and the ordinary factors in the daily life of the Hopis. There are Kachina personations for such diverse subjects as a Corn Maiden, Ogre and a Deer. The Hopis personate them in specific rituals to persuade these spirits to perform certain acts necessary for the Hopi's existence, such as providing rain for crops and assuring the increase of game animals.

Mr. Gibson Numkena of the Bear clan is a master Kachina carver from Second Mesa of the Hopi Reservation, his studio sits high above the surrounding area with 360 degrees of unbelievable views of his native land which arouses and inspires his natural talents.
Mr. Shirley Adams is an old time master Kachina carver von Polacca, Second Mesa of the Hopi Reservation. His beautiful intricate carvings are sought after collectables.
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Kachina, Novantsi-tsiloaqaKachina, Novantsi-tsiloaqa
Kachina, Yo-weKachina, Yo-we
Kachina, Butterfly by Shirley AdamsKachina, Butterfly by Shirley AdamsHopi Butterfly Kachina by Shirley Adams
Kachina, Angwusi Crow by Shirley AdamsKachina, Angwusi Crow by Shirley AdamsAngwusi Crow Kachina page 158
Kachina, Ogre by Gibson NumkenaKachina, Ogre by Gibson NumkenaHopi Kachina Ogre by master carver Gibson Numkena.
Kachina, Rattle by Gibson NumkenaKachina, Rattle by Gibson NumkenaHopi Kachina Ogre by master carver Gibson Numkena.
Kachina, Tasof Mane by Gibson NumkenaKachina, Tasof Mane by Gibson NumkenaHopi Kachina Tasof mane by master carver Gibson Numkena.
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