Navajo Dolls
*v*v*v*v*   Dolls in traditional clothing created by Sarah Joe of the Navajos   *v*v*v*v*

*v*v*v*v* Dolls in traditional clothing created by Sarah Joe of the Navajos *v*v*v*v*

Beautiful Collectable Navajo Dolls in traditional clothing lovingly created in great detail by Sarah Joe of the Navajos. Today most Navajo's wear contemporary clothing on a daily basis and dressing in traditional styles for ceremonial and special social gatherings only. In order to be recognized and helped by the Great Spirit, Navajo's must first wear the appropriate clothing. These dolls offer a stunning variety of the wonderful colorful fashion reflecting the towering mesas and dramatic red sand stone canyons of the rugged countryside of the American southwest. These charming dolls stand 14 1/2" and 15" tall with stand and are true in detail from head to foot.

HAIR; Navajo woman traditionally do not wear headdresses. Instead they tie their hair back into a knot or bun called tsiieel. This bun incorporates four, a sacred number. The hair is rolled four times and wrapped four times - twice on each side - with white yarn.

JEWELRY; Turquoise is traditional jewelry that is prized by the Navajo, and often handed down through generations of family members. It represents Tsoodzil, or Mt. Taylor, one of the four sacred mountains that borders Navajo lands.

BELT; A Navajo woman might wear one of two traditional belts, either at the same time or one at a time, depending on the type of event or reason for wearing traditional clothing. The first, a woven belt or sash belt, is meant to promote good posture and character by enforcing sanctity and womanhood. Sash belts are even used during labor. The second belt, or Concho belt, is a leather belt worn on top of the sash.

DRESS; Traditional Navajo dresses and skirts are typically made of velvet or cotton. Skirts can be multi tiered representing the phases of a woman's life; infancy, adulthood and her elder years. Blouses are usually long sleeved with decorative turquoise and silver buttons.

FOOTWEAR; Foot or knee high moccasins have hard sole and made of hide. Hard soled moccasins were important to protect the feet from harsh cactus ground.
Handcrafted by Native American Artists